The 'Zadokite' Document


From earlier copies found at Qumran it is now known that when this document was first published, in 1910, from medieval copies discovered in the Cairo Genizah, the pages were arranged in the wrong order. The correct sequence is here added in I, III and V of the original text are missing from the Cairo manuscripts, but are preserved in fragments from Qumran. These, however, have not yet been full published. If anyone already has these additions please email me so that I can include them here.

I [II]
Of God's vengeance and providence. (I, 1-ii, 12)

 Now listen, all right-minded men, and take note how God acts: He has a case against all flesh and exacts satisfaction from all who spurn Him.

Whenever Israel broke faith and renounced Him, He His face both from it and from His sanctuary and consigned them to the sword. But whenever He called to mind the covenant which He has made with their forbears, He spared them a remnant and did not consign them to utter extinction.

So, in the era of Anger, that era of the three hundred and ninety years when He delivered them into the hand of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, He took care of them and brought to blossom alike out of the priesthood and out of the laity that root which had been planted of old, allowing it once more to possess the land and grow fat in the richness of its soil. Then they realized their iniquity and knew that they had been at fault. For twenty years, however, they remained like blind men groping their way, until at last God took note of their deeds, how that they were seeking Him sincerely, and He raised up for them one who would teach the Law correctly, to guide them in the way of His heart and to demonstrate to future ages what He does to a generation that incurs His anger, that is, to the congregation of those that betray Him and turn aside from His way.