FAQ: Is God real?
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Everyone you ask will give a different answer to this question. Answers are cheap; but the question is probably the most important issue of human thought.

The starting point to an understanding of God, religion, and ourselves hinges on first knowing if there is a God. I suggest that you never rely on the opinions of others, even mine, to get an answer to this question. If God exists, perhaps it would be best if you let Him tell you for Himself.

Here is my suggestion. If there is a God, and if He has any consideration for you (and me), He is obligated to help us understand Him. Just as we are obligated, if we have any consideration for God, to find out about Him.

My suggestion is that you find a quiet place, spend some time thinking about God and who/what he might be. Then, focus all your attention on the question and ask God if He exists. Afterwards, listen for an answer. Sometimes God will answer your question immediately. Other times He will answer as you continue to ponder your question. Be patient, listen for an answer; but not with your ears. Listen with your heart.

I have done this, and continue to do it from time to time. Every time I do, a quiet, peaceful feeling washing over me. Because of this consistant message, I am positive that there is a God.